Traveling the Trail for Pete


For social butterfly Sue Ann, working on the Pete Buttigieg 2020 presidential campaign meant leaving her home base in Minnesota and traveling around to interview grassroots volunteers she’d met on Twitter for a podcast called Twitter Travels for Pete. Join Sue Ann as she follows Pete’s campaign from South Bend to Iowa to New Hampshire and places in between.

Pete’s longshot, historic campaign was fueled by the passion of his supporters. Still, Sue Ann was in a class of her own. She was literally everywhere on the campaign trail, working to bring more people into the Pete for America family. Every day, she embodied the Rules of the Road that Pete laid out for the campaign.

Lis Smith

Former Senior Communications Advisor, Pete for America

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Sue Ann’s story in itself is community organizing. The way she walks the reader through her journey volunteering and finding her space in the political world for the first time, helps lower the barrier of entry for those that follow. Thanks to her voice, someone else will be able to see how easy it is to become politically engaged and that is what true organizing is all about. Opening the door for those around you so that they can see their power to push for progress and change on behalf of themselves, their family and friends, and their community.
Samantha Steelman

Former Pete for America Marathon States Organizing Director

Sue Ann Rawlins has written a vivid, often funny, you-are-there “travelogue” of her journey traveling for a certain young future President. From the bright lights of the Liberty & Justice Dinner to cold nights in New Hampshire to memorable encounters in DC, Sue Ann shares it all. But most importantly, she celebrates the sense of belonging she has found in a unique community—Team Pete.
Betsey Newenhuyse

What inspires a person so much that they make room in their busy life to campaign for a presidential candidate? Is it the candidate himself? Is it the causes they are passionate about? Is it the people they meet? Is it their fellow volunteers? And what do they find on that trail?

I found myself doing the very same thing for the very same candidate – and sometimes in the very same places Sue Ann found herself. Many of the reasons Sue Ann discovered, I discovered as well. Reading her journey was fascinating as I looked at the same people and events through another person’s eyes. 

And what did Sue Ann learn about herself? As the librarian in me says – you will have to read the book!

Jan Dohner

Author and Librarian,